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Longbow Hybrid "Buzzard The Hunter"

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This hybrid longbow was made specially for our movie "The Hymn Of Northmen". 

With the recent trend towards hybrid bows, we developed the “Buzzard”, a strong modern-retro deflex-reflex longbow which is perfectly suitable for hunting. We wished to retain the good looks of the traditional longbow and combine the performance and shooting qualities of a hybrid longbow. This bow is smooth, fast and accurate with no handshock.

The bow comes with double power carbon and exotic wood layers. Bow length is 66". It has very fast arrow speed: 60 lbs draw weight @ 28” draw length - 205 FPS with a 422 grain arrow. It goes as a WA longbow in competitions and IIFAA as BH-R (Bowhunter-Recurve). The bow comes with a bow string made of an Astro Flight material. This bow is truly custom made by our guild member - bowyer and archer Mr. A. Vilister. The bow is packaged and shipped in a special wooden box to ensure safe shipping and storage.

Longbow length: 66"
Draw weight: 60 lbs @ 28"
Optimal draw length: 27" - 30"
Speed: 205 FPS (with 28" - 422 grains)
Bow weight: 1.9 lbs (860 grams) 


$1350 / £1107 / €1229