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ZDP-189 Japanese Supersteel Military Grade knife

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Military grade knife.


Japanese supersteel ZDP-189 blade (3% of Carbon, HRC67-nitrogen tempering), 5600 years old English bog oak handle with Antique Nickelsilver and Trustone Arizona Turquoise guard and fittings.

Leather sheath included.


Lifetime warranty.

Overall length: 260 mm
Handle length: 125mm

Blade length: 135 mm
Blade width: 33mm

Blade thickness: 4.2 mm
Overall weight: 212 grams
Handle materials: 5600 years old English Bog oak, Antique Nickel Silver, Trustone Arizona Turquoise
Blade materials: ZDP-189 Japanese Supersteel
Blade hardness: HRC67 (Sub Zero Treatment)
Lifetime warranty

Code: JSMGK01



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