Making the tool

In these movies you will see the complete story of how each tool is hand crafted from raw materials. From the tool's birth, amidst the sparkle and fire of the forge, through to the finished product.

We work as a close team. When the blacksmith finishes his labour the carpenter starts his. It is like a conversation between craftsmen who know each other well. For a perfect fit each handle is made individually and is therefore unique. It is like a footstep in sand. Each man’s footstep is unique so the sand forms to match to each footstep. Our tools are the same with the variation in chisel socket or axe eye, making it completely unique and personal.

When the tool is made we must clothe it, and so the third stage of the process is leather work to create a hand-crafted blade guard.  Finally the tool is packed for shipping and sent to its new home.