1. Northmen Guild’s Code of Ethics



2. Grandfather. Part III. Summer - Hay Making “White Wolf”



3. The Birth Of A Weapon. Part II. Damascus Bowie Knife “White Wolf”


4. Grandfather. Part I. Winter - Horse Logging



5. Northmen Viking's Sword



6. First Northmen guild’s timber framing & log-building course-workshop



7. The hymn of Northmen


8. The Birth Of A Dugout Canoe by Northmen



9. The Birth Of A Wooden House



10. The Birth Of A Weapon. Part I. English longbow making.


11. Story about John Neeman Tools




12. Crew Of Craftsmen




13. Axe Making




14. Chisel Making





15.  Damascus steel knife making




16. Shooting with Longbow "Livonia"




17.  Making firewood. The old way




18.  Making a leather belt




19. The Sound Of Damascus




20. Timber Framing Chisel Crash Test




21. Winter memories. Musical composition.




22. Latvian hand hewers "jam session" in Latgale




23. “Nītaures Swamp Beaver Hunt 2015” Archery Competition.




24. CRAFTSMEN VILLAGE BLUES music by John Neeman Tools




25. May’s first morning. 6:30 am




26. Sharpening Elmax steel chef’s knife with Work Sharp Sharpener




27. Built to grind…




28. John Neeman Tools Exhibition




29. The last raftsman over The Gauja River




30. Craftsman’s old piano sound 




31. Fire in the bread oven




32. Dugout canoe. Final planing before expanding




33. Dugout canoe. Expanding on the fire




34. Break The Ice