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  • Ordering

    Our products have been split in two categories.

    First category are products which take longer time to craft. If your order contains at least one product from this category then you will have to pay 50% of total price of all the products in your order. You will pay the other 50% plus shipping costs when your order will be ready. The first deposit is paid automatically here in website when you are placing an order. The second payment with shipping costs included will be invoiced manually by sending you an email. The second payment can be paid either by credit/debit card or PayPal. 

    Second category are products which take less time to craft or are available to ship immediately. If your order contains only products from this category then you will have to pay 100% of price plus shipping costs when you will be placing an order through our website. We will then craft or prepare your order and send you an email with tracking information once it will be shipped out.

    First category products are:

    Timber framing tools, drawknives and froes, bench chisels, axes, kitchen knives, wildlife knives and watches.

    Second category products are:

    Wallets, leather belts, archery accessories, leather bags, aprons, wooden bowls, tool care products and products from available items section.

    Please also note the crafting times for each product type:

    Axes, 12-14 months
    Timber framing tools, 7-9 months
    Drawknives and froes, 5-7 months
    Bench chisels, 5-7 months
    Wildlife knives, 7-9 months
    Kitchen knives, 7-9 months
    Leather goods, 2 months
    Wooden bowls, available right away, shipping out within 14 days
    Tool care products, available right away, shipping out within 14 days
    Watches, 10-12 months
    Viking Sword, more information given on request

    We hope for your understanding and patience regarding the crafting time. It is possible to ship out part of your order sooner if you have ordered different product types. For example, if you order axes, leather goods and wooden bowls then we can ship out the leather goods and wooden bowls sooner and axes later when they would be finished.

  • Warranty

    We offer lifetime warranty on all of our tools and products. If there is a failure with our product then we will repair or replace it for free.

  • Shipping

    Shipping cost depends on the weight of the order and the country it is shipped to. We ship by EMS - Express Mail Service. Shipping overseas takes 5-7 business days and to Europe 3-5 business days. Shipping is worldwide. We will send you a tracking number as an approval of the shipment when the order is sent out to you.