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Custom Made Damascus Puukko knife

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For over a thousand years, the woodsmen of Finland have used puukko knives to work their trade. The knife is the result of generations of use and development by the Sami people. It has become a symbol of honor for those people and the lives they live. These knives are known around the world for their practical design and function. The puukko is used for all manner of tasks around the forest, farm and workshop. It is a versatile knife that can be adapted to many varying tasks to suite the owners needs. It excels in wood carving due to the flat grind and shape of the handle which allows full, but controlled power to be applied when carving. 
The blade for this knife contains 320 layer hand forged Damascus pattern welded steel. The knife blade is made from two different steel types - 1095 and 15N20. The result of forging, forge welding gives the blade it's unique pattern. 

The handle is made from Snakewood, Steller's Sea Cow's bone (extinct since 1768) and Antique Bronze.

Leather sheath is wet formed to fit each knife individually. The leather material is manufactured in a local tannery using the same methods and techniques that were used 100 years ago. Each sheath is custom made and hand stitched using saddle stitch and waxed linen thread. Each knife sheath is individually custom dyed with Fiebings professional oil dyes. Afterwards, the sheath is waxed with palm leaf wax and beeswax. To protect against moisture it is finished using acrylic leather sheen. 

Blade: Damascus steel (1090 and 15N20)
Handle: Steller's Sea Cow's bone (extinct since 1768), Antique Bronze and Snakewood.
Sheath: Saddle stitched 4mm thick leather in walnut brown colour.

Overall length: 200 mm
Handle length: 120 mm
Blade length: 80 mm
Blade thickness: 4 mm
Blade width: 25 mm
Blade hardness: 61 HRC
Weight: 130 grams

Code: CMDSPN01

$950 / £798 / €903

Available Items