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Damascus Viking Axe "Braveheart". Bog Oak Edition

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Custom made Viking axe "Braveheart" with Damascus steel blade and 5600 years old English Bog Oak handle. 

The Braveheart Viking Axe is a historical replica of axes made around the 7th-9th centuries in the Baltic lands. The blade is a Damascus 3 layer laminate each consisting of 400 layers, bearded design, fitted to a curved handle made of 5600 years old English Bog Oak. The handle is secured with four lugs. The grip of the handle is wrapped in tanned leather, embedded into the handle. The leather is wrapped near the blade as well, for better grip there. The beard allows the user to choke up on the handle for controlled strokes while crafting or as a shield disarming action used in reenacting. This is a one handed weapon that was likely used in place of the sword, being easier to craft and more versatile around the camp and woods or as a back up to the spear.  The Baltic 'Braveheart' Viking Axe is considered ‘battle ready’ and should be handled with extreme caution due to its sharpened blade.  Written on the handle is an approximately 1300 years old love poem in Runes. The original wood piece with this poem - a weaving knife with rune carving lays in the Swedish History museum.  

Lifetime warranty.

Blade material: Damascus Steel
Handle material: 5600 years old English Bog Oak, Full grain leather
Sheath material: Full grain leather

Overall length: 31” (787 mm)
Axe head: 6.7” (170 mm)
Cutting edge: 6.3” (160 mm)
Overall weight: 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg)
Hardness: Rockwell 59-60 (HRC)

Lifetime warranty.


$2450 / £2058 / €2328

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