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Traditional French Timber Frame

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For sale massive traditional French style timber frame. Main frame is built from Larch harvested in the winter time by the old carpenters calendar when is best time to fell the trees. Rafters and floor joists are made of Norway Spruce and Pine. Dimensions are 6.5 x 11 meters. Roof with overhang over 13 meters. Height 7 meters. Main frame beam dimensions are 22 x 22 and 22 x 25 cm. Rafter dimensions are 10 x 20 cm. Knee brace dimensions are 16 x 16 cm. All the joints are cut by hand using only hand tools. There are over 200 joints in this frame. No metal connections or screws or nails has been used. Only traditional time tested Mortice and Tenon joinery secured with offset draw bored (under tension) white oak pegs. Frame has 4 complex Japanese scarf joints Kanawa Tsugi secured with white oak wedges. Not all of the joints are pegged in the pics because it is a temporary rise. The base sill and floor joists will be treated using fire and pine tar using Japanese wood preservation technique Yakisugi/Shou Sugi Ban. The frame can be brushed giving rustic timber look to it or smooth planed or left sawn.

Width: 6.5 meters.
Length: 11 meters.
Height: 7 meters.
Roof with overhang: 13 meters.
Ceilings: Cathedral, exposed rafters.

Price: 12 000 EUR 

Delivery in Europe: 2000 - 2500 EUR - depending on the location.
Assembling on site: 600 EUR + Travel Expenses + Crane.
Overall wood amount: 25 m3.
Species: Larch, Norway spruce, Pine.
Roof angle: 45 degrees.

500 years warranty.

Wood finish options: Tung Oil, Hardwax oil, Natural paint or no finish at all - natural untreated look that will get darker during ageing.

Width: 6.5 meters (21.32 ft).
Length: 11 meters (36 ft).
Height: 7 meters (23 ft).
Area:  71.5 m2 (770 ft2)
Roof with overhang: 13 meters. 
Ceilings: Cathedral, exposed rafters.

Overall wood amount: 25 m3. 
Species: Larch, Norway spruce, Pine. 
Roof angle: 45 degrees. 

500 years warranty. 

Code: TF01

$13186 / £11077 / €12527