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Cleaver - Heavy Duty


This cleaver is hand forged from high carbon 9260 spring steel. After precise and careful hardening, tempering and annealing, the edge reaches Rockwell 60-62 (HRC). Final sharpening is done on a felt disc using chrome oxide compound to give the tool a razor sharp edge. A traditional mixture of beeswax, linseed oil and pine turpentine is used on the steel to provide an anti-rust finish.


The handle for this knife is hand shaped out of a block of Malaysian hardwood - Merbau. Mosaic pins are made of stainless steel, brass, copper and nickel. Afterwards the handle is dyed, oiled with Tung oil and waxed with a beeswax.

High carbon steel blade
Merbau hardwood handle
Mosaic pins

Overall length: 13.7" (350mm)
Blade length: 7.8" (200mm)
Overall weight:  2.8lbs (1.3kg)
Blade width: 3.9" (100mm)
Blade thickness: 0.39" (10mm)
Hardness: Rockwell 61 (HRC)

Code: CLV01

$640 / £538 / €608

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