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Paring knife. Damascus.


The blade for this knife contains 320 layer hand forged Damascus pattern welded steel. The knife blade is made from two different steel types - 1095 and 15N20. The result of forging, forge welding and twisting gives the blade its unique pattern.
After the blade is forged it is grinded by hand to the smoother shape and afterwards heat treated and annealed to Rockwell 61 (HRC) hardness. After hardening the blade, it is etched in acid, slightly polished and sharpened to razor sharpness. 
The handle for this knife is hand shaped out of a block of curly Birch wood that grows very slowly in the far North in Finland (Lapland). The mosaic pins are made from brass, nickel and stainless steel. The knife comes with a hand made magnetic wall rack that is made out of a locally harvested white oak and is packaged in a hand made Elm wooden box (sliding cover) with chisel cut dovetail joinery and a magnetic floor.

320 layer Damascus steel blade
Oak wall rack
Curly birch handle

Overall length: 9.1 (232mm)
Blade length: 4.6" (117mm)
Handle length: 4.6" (118mm)
Blade width: 1" (24mm)
Blade thickness: 0.066" (1.7mm) 
Hardness: Rockwell 61 (HRC)

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