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Old Finnish Billnäs Axe IV

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Restored old Finnish Billnäs axe. Laminated blade. High carbon old Finnish steel blade and wrought iron body. Fire treated (Shou Sugi Ban) Elm handle soaked with linseed and tung oil. Waxed with natural beeswax. Razor sharp 25 degree bevel flat ground. Comes with a copper rivveted leather sheath. 

Leather sheath included.

Story behind restored tools are that they carry spirit with them. Sprit of the past and of the forgotten. They were laying rusted and forgotten. With care and passion we gave them new breath and new purpose - continue to serve a craftsman and continue to tell the stories of the past and of the craftsmen that have used these tools to build and to create things that last. Also to tell the story about their makers and the story about us - who restored them and brought them back to the life of making. In this throw away society we are participating in our daily lives, before buying something new it is important to remember that many things are not built to last anymore. But there are such tools made with love and passion, that despite being more than 100 years old are able to outperform modern day made tools with their quality, form and function.

Overall length: 610 mm (24 in)
Handle length: 485 mm (19.1 in)
Blade width: 75 mm (2.95 in)

25 degree bevel. Flat ground
Weight: 1500 grams

Code: NRT027

$350 / £294 / €333

Restored Tools