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Natural Propolis Varnish

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Unique and natural Propolis Varnish made by our guild's green woodworker Richard.

Special recipe, all ingredients are gathered locally.

The propolis varnish can be used to treat wood by using a brush or cloth. Great for wooden products which are used for storing or serving food or wooden products which can be in contact with skin or use this varnish if you want to give propolis fragrance to a wooden product. The propolis varnish gives antibacterial and disinfectant properties to a wooden surface. It highlights and gives a natural shine to the wood. It is not advised to form a thick layer of varnish. You can use a thin layer of natural beeswax on top of the varnish to give a better protection. The beeswax can be renewed from time to time.

The varnish is very concentrated and can be diluted with technical denatured ethanol. Varnish can contain minimal beeswax sediments. Use the varnish only for its intended purpose.

Ingredients: Natural Propolis, Denatured Technical Ethanol

Size: 200ml (6.75 oz)

Code: PV01

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