Timber Framing Tools

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These timber framing tools are hand forged from high carbon 9260 spring steel. After precise and careful hardening tempering and annealing, the edges reach Rockwell 58-60 (HRC). Final sharpening is done on a felt disc using chrome oxide compound to give the tools razor sharp edges. A traditional mixture of beeswax, linseed oil and pine turpentine is used on the steel to provide an anti-rust finish.

The handles are hand lathed elm that are tightly fitted into the cone of the socket and glued in with an epoxy glue. Each tool handle is made individually to fit the socket dimensions precisely. The handles are also treated with linseed oil and beeswax. Each chisel comes with a handmade, custom dyed saddle tan leather blade guard.

"Finally, Kirk and I were in a 3-day TF class this week where i had the pleasure of using your tools. What a FANTASTIC experience it was using your tools. The performance of the chisels were unmatched by the other chisels used in the class, and others were interested in your tools as well. It was amazing how these tools kept their edge, and they were never sharpened during the class while we had to sharpen the other chisels used. BTW, your website and movies are just as beautiful as your tools."

Mike/Texas Timber Framing Workshop (Set of 3 Timber Framing Tools)

Beveled edges

1.5” Framing Chisel
1” Corner Chisel
3” Slick

Overall weight: 7.87lbs (3570g)


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Timber Framing Tools